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My True Story

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Holidays with a cam girl

I admit, writing down this story might make me look like a lonely guy, I am divorced, lost the custody, and have to spend my time alone. I am not the person that goes to hippy clubs or expensive high class bars. I live in the Big City, and there is plenty to do for a person like me. I like the dark places where people can get high and smoke some joints, or places where you can enjoy live SM sessions while sitting at the table eating your dinner. I like the extra ordinary. I do not fit in the normal world. I hate to order from menus, and I dislike people who come at my table and ask me if I enjoy the food.

This year was different, everything felt different, and I was getting again 1 year older. I wanted to have a nice time with a nice person, but also enjoy extra ordinary things. I like it kinky, but I also respect romance and 1 on 1 moments where you just try to get to know each other better.

“ You should try dude “ I looked up and tried to focuses… “ And what your doing talking behind the computer, are you insane? “
” U mean, You listened in on my whole story “ …. Yeah he did, he was not stupid, he was one of my best buds. Every time I see him, I know the world will be a piece of cake. He is one of the friends I trust my life to. And he knows I am lonely and always behind the PC. We run a successful marketing office, and we make a good income, drive BWM`s and we play golf every weekend, this is where we get the most Mouth On Mouth Marketing working for us, hitting a ball between the big shots in business.

“ What you speak about, what is this “ and I really wanted to know what he was talking about. “ It is where you pick up girls “and from the look in his face I could understand what kind of picking up he means.
He started to explain he first tried AdultFriendFinder, but then found a link to and realized he could chat all the day for free with sexy high class amateur models. He explained he sometimes paid for sessions and he was member of fan clubs, and this gave him discount, and how you could join more fan clubs and chat really for a cheap price, but you still get the best sex online possible, and sometimes the girls are in for some hardcore sex dating in real life. Then they place an advertisement on AdultFriendFinder and get the eyes of more then 30 million Members.

The following day I decided to create a free account on My friend showed me first a site that explains it a little better without paying in front. We found and found the free HD chat feed of It was really an amazing quality of cam streaming, so clear and so crystal bright. You can zoom in and out, even open the sound channels and you will be able to speak with your model, no need to type. I decided to try first the cam feed on Sexxxspace and within 1 hour I knew this would be a site I could spend hours and hours over and over again. This is the place where my lonely heart will find some commitment with a girl, sexy women, perhaps a women with no men in her life.

It was not long after that in that week that I spend a full evening on and decided to make a free alias to go with. I choice Ghostrider, and was happy to see that I got response from the model instantly, in every chat room I was welcome and the model actually greets me, and tries to comfort me. I felt like an ass when I tried to say HI back and by accident pressed the close button. I tried to finds the girl back and did, and apologized, she said it was OK and it happened often to her. She started to win my sympathy and while I was looking at the cam I suddenly see beautiful women. I was so stunned. She stood up and did a little circle, I could see her ass, it was a little shaking, but for sure not fat. It was tight. Her tummy was tight also, and her breasts where hidden behind a sports bra, I wanted to see them right away. After a 10 minutes talk she asked me if I wanted to see her naked, and if I would wanted to see her play with herself. Of course there was one thing I needed to do, I needed to add money to my account.

This process is very simple. You go to your account page, add credits, and you select the method you wish to use to pay and you get your credit instantly.

This girl was a dream. My first show was a cam to cam show. I could also show her my genitals like I say with a nice word, but she said my cock was impressive, one the best looking she had ever seen. During the weeks we spoke, we shared a lot of things. She told me a lot of secrets and felt save telling them to me. We always had private time, we toke the slow hours on and when she had a client, I just left her alone for a hour or so, but in the mean while I was always thinking about her. Her hair made me crazy, it was black and curly, it was full and needed a pair of hands grabbing it and kissing her lips. Her name is Margo, and she is 24 years old, she lives in Germany, Berlin, and is a little kinky.

2 months went by like a flash and Margo and I where pretty charmed of each other, we likes the same things, the same music, and we shared the same taste for sexual games. Our sex games developed online to real roll play situations. There was a master and a slave but not in a SM kind of way. She was 24 and wanted to see the world, her parents where poor and there was never enough money for nice things. This is why she started this work.
Many words we spoke, many feelings we shared, and it toke me a few thousand dollar in private shows before I could ask her what I really wanted…

“ Tell me what you want sweetie, You know I’ll do anything for you “ if this was only true that it would only take a day before she could fly to Amsterdam and be with me in my penthouse on the Amsterdam Amstel Plaza. She has no idea what world she would be walking into. I have the hookers close to me, working in red lights, and I can order drugs every where I want. I know the best dark bars and hottest cafes where everyone knows the most of everyone else. Many of my clients that hire my marketing service come in the best places to close the deal, bragging a little with the girls.

“ I want you to fly to me, and spend 3-5-10 weeks, hoe ever long you want, and let us have a sex holiday “ … I knew this was the moment where it could break or fall, I just asked a webcam girl to have sex with me, while I also offer a holiday. I am now one of those guys who does it this way, I am one of those perverts who has to buy a young girl into his pants. While I asked myself this she already typed her answer back, no time for more thinking… READ IT NOW…. OK lets focuses my eyes.

“ Sure sweetie, but I can come with the train, this is cheaper “
This poor girl has no idea how sad she sounds now, but I`ll tell her in a gentle way this will be MY WAY not her way. I asked her personal info and her passport number, and 2 hours later she was on her way to the airport. I called her a cab, and arranged a first class business , not cheap, but worth it.

The next day she woke up, not realizing yet how she got her last night, I did not sleep myself. I was busy making the cam room go online, one of those rooms in my 15 room house where I put in a lot of money. I had no idea she was looking at me all that time and seen what I was doing. “ This looks like a professional room “ and she started to look like she found gold. Her face jumped up and down, and she started telling how she could make her own webcam shows from this room and we could do couple shows, and on this way our holiday would be paying herself back also.

We toke the first weeks to explore Amsterdam and have sex on many nice locations. She was always wet for penetration and she loved to suck my dick and made me cum in her mouth and she would swallow it all. We would go to dark bars, and then she would open my pants under the table, take my dick out and start jerking me off. She also does this when we are with another girl on the table. Not so long ago we hade a female visitor at our table and while my Marga toke my pants down, she also toke the girls hand and let her in on the joy. This was a crazy but super horny experience. We do more teasing games on many weird spots in Amsterdam. The kick of not get caught while having sex in public is to hot for words.

In the evenings we log on to and welcome all our fans and free members in our webcam room. We are listed as a couple and you can find us on every day. We do shows, hardcore and soft-core, depends on our mood. When we are in the mood for romance we do not use dildos and vibrators, but we use our tong and fingers. In the weekends we always go hardcore, The Saturday night feeling makes us always wild. We smoke a little joint before, and start with a massage. We massage each other on all the spots possible. And then we start inserting fingers in each others asses and try to find our Gspots while French kissing and exchanging a growing wild lust.

We like our new life, my Margo will be here every 2 weeks each month to earn some extra money for her parents and her own future, and I have free sex with a sexy 24 young hot naughty girl. I thank for this experience, this has enhanced my life in so many ways, I am sure they are not aware what they have done for me, and how they brought me and my girl together, but I am sure I am not the only one who dares and risks his feelings in a Online Sexual Relationship with a stranger….

I hope everyone who will visit is going to experience only NICE and SWEET things like I had. Just make sure when you find the right girl, stick with her, even when you need to pay a few dollars. This is normal, they are online working for you and me, not for their boss. So pay for the private time is like giving her a present!

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